Nigeria: How To Get Around Lagos In A Day

Published on August 30, 2017 by AfroTelly

How To Get Around Lagos In A Day. Majority of the people living in Lagos commute to their places of work everyday through the means of public transportation which are – Okada (motor bike), colored buses, colored taxis, BRT buses, boat, ferry etc

“When there is traffic, okada is the easiest and cheapest way to get around,” says bolly.

BollyLomo goes on a jolly ride around Lagos, to show you how we move about to get you some of our amazing BattaBox stories which you get to watch.

Bolly travels from ketu to ikorodu (Lagos mainland) by Okada, bus and taxis and then back to the heart of Lagos island by a ferry and boat.

There are various modes of public transportation in Lagos, some of which are very cost effective and some are not.

“If you like the Lagos hustle and bustle then the danfo (colored bus) is for you,” says bolly as he enters a danfo bus.

While majority of commuters in Lagos prefer to take the BRT bus, which is cost effective – others still enjoy entering the local painted buses.

The great thing about BRT buses is that you get to watch BattaBox videos in the buses for free – and don’t forget its an AC bus o.

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