Just the opinion of an African Girl (Congo)

Published on May 7, 2015 by AfroTelly

Just an opinion of an African Girl base on the reality that she know, what she has study, her own observation and conclusion. The reality of Africa is a lot deeper than what it seems. I am not targeting anybody or supporting any causes. God have given us a mind that whatever we seek, we shall find. Don’t allow yourself to be a slave to the media. The truth is out. All we need is a good attentions. We should never make our decisions base on someone’s opinion. We need to find our own fact and from that we can make our own conclusions and decisions. So that in case there is any question we have facts to support us. BE YOUR OWN LEADER. Many of us including myself truly need to stop following these Medias, because we don’t know what is their true attentions.

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