Heatless Foodie CURLS! I Put Food On My 4C Natural Hair

Published on September 12, 2017 by AfroTelly

Thumbs up if you LOVE to eat! Here is a super healthy, natural hair nazi, no parabens, silicone, or sulfates (I think) 4c natural hair routine. lol. I decided to make my own flax seed gel, then started looking around the kitchen to see what other food I can put in my hair. This is totally heatless because I wouldn’t risk using any kind of heat on these products. A lot of the items were old or soon to be expired and I decided that if I allow something to expire or I accidentally buy bad produce that can also double as a hair product, then I will put it in my hair. Repeat after me “NOTHING GETS WASTED IN 2017!”



1. SHAMPOO SUBSTITUTE – Baking Soda. 1 ounce to 3 ounces of water for a total of 4 ounces. —-We all use baking soda to deodorize our refrigerators, so if you ever run out of shampoo, look in the fridge. It’s also really good for heartburn since bicarbonate acts like a buffer in our bodies anyway. —–I also used my scalp massaging shampoo brush from vanity planet. It helps keep the flakes away and increase blood flow.


2. CONDITIONER SUBSTITUTE – Sour Cream and limes. —-I read somewhere that sour cream is great especially with a lime. I’m guessing it’s a protein conditioner since it has milk protein. Also, the milk fat is great for slip. It really left my hair feeling soft. I’m prone to dryness, so I super saturated my hair with this. The lime probably helps clarify and prevents residue. I bet I could use this mixture as a cowash. Make sure you rise really well.


3. DETANGLER SUBSTITUTE – Olive oil. —-Olive oil is BAE! I seriously am in love with how well it has been working on my hair recently. It’s an amazing detangler and I always use it when I cook. My shedding was minimal and I was happy.


4. STYLING GEL SUBSTITUTE – Flax seed gel enriched with honey and oil. —-Seriously, why would anyone buy gel again when flax seeds are dirt CHEAP!?! I boiled approximately 2 cups of water with 1/2 a cup of ground flax seeds. I rarely do measurements, so mine was an approximation. Just do a 1:4 ratio of gel and water. The oil and honey just made it perfect. Here’s how to prepare it:

1. Boil water

2. Add flax seeds and lower heat to a simmer stir occasionally

3. Check to see if it appears to be frothy on top.

4. Turn off the stove after 10 minutes and allow to cool. The flax seeds should settle during the cooling process.

5. Wear gloves and pour.

6. Scoop any excess seeds or froth out.

7. add a teaspoon of honey ( a humectant that also helps reduce flakes)

8. Add a tablespoon of oil.


5. HAIR ROLLERS- Jumbo blue spoolies from https://www.spoolies.com/collections/… I usually use 54 give or take a few.


6. HAIR TIE – Knee high stocking from Walmart : http://go.magik.ly/ml/6oxe/ The link is to show you what they look like. You can get a pair for 33-50 cents at the store. Idk why they are so pricey online.

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