Healthy Living With Amara Kanu| Fitness book

Published on September 15, 2017 by AfroTelly

HEALTHY LIVING with Amara Kanu takes you through the journey of what it takes to maintain a great attitude to life through exercise, healthy eating, fun and positive lifestyle.

I am not one to bother with reviews but I make an exception in this case. While there are other health fitness literature or videos in the public domain, this book stands out for many reasons. For me particularly, it is how the author personalizes the approach to weight loss, revealing how the emotional and psychological state of a person’s well-being affects their physiological fitness. In plain words, your ‘boost of positive energy’ is relevant in your quest to become physically toned. She provides a practical example to this approach in Chapter 8. As a closing statement, if you are looking for an approach to fitness that caters for not just your physical but mental well-being, Healthy Living by Amara Kanu is the book to get.

Oh dear Amara !! after reading your book right now, i am particularly moved to comment on your good work. I make bold to say i am not flattering you because i have read it from cover to cover. In my opinion, your simple but also realistic approach in addressing critical issues would really make your readers feel very much at home with your book. Having been back and forth on a weight loss journey myself, the book greatly resonates with me and perhaps would inspire a lot of people out there as well. Your tips for weight loss are truthfully doable but also your advice to achieving a better well being is second to non. Your use of language is clear and concise which makes it easy to read and understand, communication achieved! You have drawn examples based on your research as well as from your own time tested experiences which makes your work very believable.
Unlike my usually reserved personality, on this occasion, i feel like i am obliged to give a feedback on this great and well scripted piece of work. I don’t know how you managed to pull this off with all the hustling and bustling here….i know it might not have been without bumps but i believe your passion has a role to play here, may God continue to bless the works of your hands and make you be a source of inspiration to many.

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