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Published on September 7, 2017 by AfroTelly

How to achieve a flat tummy

Guidelines given by Sophia Unachukwu, she gives a pep talk below

We are what we eat, 70 percent of what we eat is what we look like. big tummy is basically caused by what we eat, when we eat. example we cant eat certain food any random time of the day, in the morning we have to eat light food, afternoon we can have something heavy, evening something light again.

Then also what we eat plays a very vital role. We have to  eat healthy, we cant eat junk through out the day, we have to eat healthy foods, vegetable, fruits, fibre etc

Also exercise  is vital, we need to exercise to have that healthy fit, firm look we desire

After the interview she gives a gym tutorial on what we can to to be fit.

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